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Blooming Grove Family & Divorce Lawyer

There are countless legal issues that affect your closest personal relationships, and these matters are covered in great detail in New York family and divorce laws. The statutes, court opinions, and procedural rules are complex, but they are further complicated by the emotional factors that can affect the process. It can be difficult to understand your rights, so you may not know where to begin with protecting them.

Instead of putting your interests at risk, trust the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. to assist with family law issues. We have the skills and knowledge to navigate complexities, along with extensive experience advocating for clients. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with a Blooming Grove family & divorce lawyer, and read on for some basics.

Family Law Cases We Handle

We deliver skilled legal services to support our clients in a wide range of matters, including:

Divorce: Though every case is different, most parties to a divorce case will encounter two key issues:

  1. Property Division: New York’s law on equitable distribution requires marital assets to be divided up fairly between the parties. The division may not be an exact 50-50 split.
  2. Alimony: When there is a sizable financial gap between the parties and one would suffer economic strain, the court may order spousal support.

Issues Related to Minor Children: Parents have rights and responsibilities with respect to minor children, regardless of whether they are divorcing or never married. Child custody and visitation are determined by reviewing the child’s best interests, and child support is established by guidelines.

Other Family Law Cases: Our team is prepared to assist with:

  • Paternity cases;
  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • The adoption process;
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection; and,
  • Guardianship proceedings

Skilled Legal Support with the Process

One important factor to note with family law cases is that many disputes can be resolved out of court. With help from a Blooming Grove family law and divorce lawyer, you can create and negotiate an arrangement that suits your needs. Additional benefits are reduced cost and faster time to resolution.

The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. will also provide essential legal services for other options in family law cases:

  • Mediation: This proceeding is overseen by a mediator who is specially trained to guide parties in productive conversation toward agreement. Mediation is not binding, so you can still go to court if dissatisfied with the outcome.
  • Litigation: Any disputes that remain in a family law case will go through a contested hearing, which is a trial. You have the opportunity to present testimony, evidence, and arguments in your favor.

Consult with a Blooming Grove Family Law and Divorce Lawyer Right Away

At the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C., our team has in-depth knowledge of the laws and extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of cases. We are prepared to provide the legal support you need, so please contact us to set up a case evaluation. A Blooming Grove family law and divorce lawyer can explain your rights after assessing your unique circumstances.

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