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Rockland County Family Lawyer

Family law is the field of law that deals with family relations. The chapter of the laws of New York dealing with family law refers to the topic as Domestic Relations. Family law includes matrimonial law – laws surrounding marriage and divorce – but it also includes adoption, genetic surrogacy contracts, and much more. When you have a family law issue, it’s important to get help from a lawyer who practices specifically in the area of your concern and has dealt with your specific type of issue in the past. The decisions made by the Rockland County Family Court or Supreme Court in family law matters affect your most intimate relationships, and court orders or agreements made outside of court can impact your life and the lives of your children for years to come. In the Lower Hudson Valley of Downstate New York, The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. offers personal attention and high-quality legal service from an attorney with decades of experience, including high-level litigation. Whatever your case requires, The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine is ready and able to meet your needs and help you reach your goals. Contact our experienced Rockland County family lawyer today.

What Types of Family Law Matters Do You Handle?

The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. takes on a wide range of family law cases in Rockland County. Our firm’s main areas of practice include divorce, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and paternity. Below you’ll find more information about our practice in these areas. Whatever your area of concern, call our office for a consultation, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Rockland County Divorce

It’s been over a decade since New York became the last state in the country to recognize no-fault divorce. Obtaining a dissolution of marriage these days is not a difficult procedure, but the process involves making final judgments and enforceable court orders in a number of areas that impact every corner of your life and should not be taken lightly. These areas include:

  • Distribution of Assets – All marital assets and debts must be equitably divided between the parties, either through a negotiated property settlement agreement or via court judgment. Difficult issues that can arise include locating and identifying all assets and liabilities, properly characterizing them as marital or separate property, and making sure they are valued accurately. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine is known for its experience in high-asset cases involving high-dollar property that can be difficult to value or divide.
  • Spousal Support – Deciding whether one party will pay maintenance (alimony) to the other after divorce, how much they will pay, and for how long, requires an analysis of 15 separate factors. The courts use several formulas to arrive at an amount that is presumed to be appropriate, but that amount can still be challenged in court by either party.
  • Child Custody – New York courts will decide both physical custody – which parent the child lives with and when – as well as legal custody – how parents will share the responsibility for decision-making regarding the child’s education, healthcare, religious upbringing, extracurricular activities, and more. We know what factors the court analyzes in deciding what form of custody will be best for the kids, and we work to build and present a strong and persuasive case to make sure your interests are represented.
  • Child Support – New York courts follow standard guidelines based on income factors and the number of children to support to come up with a monthly amount of support the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay to the custodial parent. Robert Sunshine’s expertise as a Founding Member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators helps ensure that child support is calculated correctly, including arguing for or against deviations from the guidelines as appropriate.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications – If one party can prove a substantial change in circumstances, it’s possible to revisit court orders for child custody, child support, and maintenance. Our seasoned litigator is in your corner in contested cases and also provides skilled services in negotiations or mediation to work out an amicable resolution where possible.
  • Enforcement of Court Orders – If your child’s other parent isn’t complying with court orders regarding child custody or child support, or if you are being accused of noncompliance, we know the steps to take with the courts or child support agencies to make sure you and your children are properly taken care of and not taken advantage of.
  • Appeals – Attorney Robert S. Sunshine is an experienced appellate lawyer ready to pursue your appeal or respond to a petition filed by the other party. Our firm excels in the skills required for successful appellate practice, including legal research, persuasive writing, and effective oral argument.
  • Mediation – We know that the best results come when the parties can work together to create their own solutions. We are a positive presence in divorce and family law mediation, guiding parties toward resolution while making sure your rights are protected and that your interests are reflected in the result.

Prenuptial Agreements

Premarital agreements are an excellent tool to help prospective spouses enter marriage with their eyes open to their partner’s financial picture, as well as create shared expectations regarding what should happen in the event of separation, divorce, death, or other life events. Our firm can help negotiate, draft, or review effective agreements, as well as challenge or defend prenuptial agreements when the question of their validity or enforceability is raised in court.

Domestic Violence

New York law defines domestic violence to include assaults, threats, stalking and other behavior between family members, household members, and others in close relationships as defined in the law. Getting an Order of Protection from the court is the swiftest way to obtain legal help and protection, but it’s only temporary. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine represents parties seeking or challenging long-term Orders of Protection and deals with their ramifications in divorce cases, child custody disputes, and other family law matters.


Only a child’s legal father can be ordered to pay child support, and only a legal father can assert legal rights to custody or visitation. There are many ways under New York law to establish or challenge parentage. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine can advise you of your rights and options and represent you in any paternity proceeding. Our firm represents mothers, putative fathers, children, and other interested parties in paternity matters throughout New York’s Rockland County.

Contact The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. Today

For help with divorce, paternity, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, or other family law matters throughout the Lower Hudson Valley in Downstate New York, The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine is the law firm to turn to. Contact our experienced Rockland County family lawyer today.

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