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Port Chester Family & Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are going through divorce, you hope to modify a child custody order, or the other party has refused to make on-time child support payments, a Port Chester family & divorce lawyer can help. We understand how difficult divorce and other family disputes can be, and have assisted countless clients through these hard times to better futures. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. is here to help.

Key Aspects of Divorce in New York

Equitable Division of Marital Assets—New York follows the doctrine of equitable (fair) division of marital assets. Marital assets include all property and debt acquired during the course of the marriage. These assets commonly include bank and savings accounts, retirement funds, pensions, business assets, student debt, car loan debt, and more.

Spousal Support—Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony or maintenance, is paid to the lower earning or lower asset spouse, during the course of divorce, and sometimes in the years that follows. It is based on many factors, including sacrifices and contributions the lower earning spouse made to the higher earning spouse’s career, the age and health of each party, and how division of assets was handled.

Child Custody—Child custody is one of the hardest aspects of divorce for spouses to come to an agreement on. A parent’s custody rights determine how much time they spend with their child, and what decision-making rights they have. Visitation may be awarded in place of custody rights.

Child Support—The non custodial parent, or lower-earning custodial parent if both parents have equal custody, receives custody payments from the other party to help pay for the child’s housing, food, education, and other costs of living.

Other Port Chester Family Law Matters

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements—A pre or post nuptial agreement is a binding document that both spouses sign (either before or after the marriage begins) that determine certain financial rights and responsibilities of each party.
  • Modification of Court Orders—Court orders such as child custody, alimony, and child support can be modified at later dates if one or both party’s life circumstances undergo a significant change.
  • Enforcement—If one party has constantly failed to uphold a court order, such as child support, the other party’s only option is to work with an attorney experienced in court order enforcement matters.
  • Paternity—DNA testing is a commonly used option to prove a father’s identity. Paternity testing can be ordered by a judge if one of the parties refuses to cooperate.
  • Domestic Violence—An order of protection is the first step in stopping domestic abuse and violence. A short term protection order can be issued for up to two weeks, providing some form of immediate relief before a longer standing protection order is granted by the court.

Call a Port Chester Family Law & Divorce Lawyer Today

Divorce and family law disputes should always be handled by an experienced Port Chester family law and divorce lawyer.  To learn more about your options, we urge you to call the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. today at 845-735-1300 to schedule a free consultation.

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