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5 Stars

Best Divorce Attorney in Rockland, NY

Mr. Sunshine's stewardship represented me in my divorce. And through his stewardship, I was able to finalize my divorce i a favorable manner. He was attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. He is, by far, the best divorce attorney in Rockland County, NY.

— Alexandra

5 Stars

I highly recommend

I had retained Robert Sunshine to represent me in a highly contentious child custody proceeding. Robert Sunshine was conscientious, diligent and always prepared. He maintained constant contact throughout the pendency of my case and demonstrated amazing litigation skills both in and out of the courtroom. In the end, I retained full legal and physical custody of my three children and I am forever grateful for his hard work and dedication to my case. I highly recommend Robert Sunshine Esq.

— Georgia

5 Stars

The absolute best!

I could not be happier with Robert as my attorney. Robert represented me for both my divorce and then a custody issue. His knowledge, professionalism and personal touch are all superb. When first meeting Robert he explained the entire process to me and helped me though the most difficult part of my life. His care and actions showed not only caring for me as a client but also as a person. He took the time to get to know me, my situation and what I wanted for the outcome. Going into Court with Robert I was always confident in his ability to fight for my rights and wishes. Every time in court we got the outcome I wanted. Every time. If you are going through a divorce or custody issue Robert is by the far the best to see in New York State. I have referred several friends to Robert who have all remarked about the incredible difference from their initial attorney to then having Robert. The absolute best.

— Dermot

5 Stars

He knew my case personally

At a very low point in life I met a lawyer who was recommended by another. The effort put forth on my behalf was refreshing. Anyone who has been in court you always see lawyers reading the case as they walk into the courtroom, Rob didn't do this he knew my case personally, all the facts and what my goals were. he doesn't look for the easy answer! by the time this whole ordeal was done I gained a lot of respect not only for the Lawyer Rob Sunshine but the man he is. His Integrity! His compassion for me and my children. I have gained trust in him not only as a lawyer but also as a confidant .

— Marc

5 Stars

I'm forever grateful to Mr. Sunshine

Hiring Mr. Robert Sunshine as my divorce attorney was the best thing I've ever done! for my divorce case, As a plaintiff, Mr Sunshine stood by me, consulted and educated me, He gave me great advise and always communicated with me through phones and on emails. His great knowledge of family law and his strong competent personality as a lawyer made the defendant settle the case and I received the settlement that I deserved. I'm forever grateful to Mr Sunshine for all the help he did for me ! I definitely recommend him to everyone!.

— Gina

5 Stars

I can't thank Mr. Sunshine enough

I had a matrimony case that was stalled in the court system for nearly 10 years. After losing every major decision... I hired Mr. Sunshine to help me bring my case to a closure. Boy did I make the right decision. In a relatively short period of time... we were able to change momentum of the case and bring it to a successful closure. I can't thank Mr. Sunshine enough. We had our moments of butting heads a bit, but that's normal when two people roll up their sleeves and get to work. So knowledgeable about the law it is silly. Nothing gets by this professional. I hope you never need his professional services, but if you do... don't walk to his office... RUN. It will be the best decision you ever make.

— Michael

5 Stars

Smart, tenacious, and resourceful

When you are in need of excellent representation regarding divorce and family law issues, Mr. Sunshine fits the bill. He is smart, tenacious, and resourceful. I highly recommend him.

— Alexandra

5 Stars

I have never seen such advocate

It isn't often a police officer has a good word for an attorney. Robert Sunshine isn't just a good attorney, he is the best attorney I have ever come in contact with. Mr. Sunshine's legal, analytical, and problem solving skills are unparalleled. His attention to detail is amazing. More impressive is the mans prowess in the court room. Mr. Sunshine captivates the entire courtroom with his legalese and his command over the case he is handling. I have never seen such advocate. You can only go wrong by choosing an attorney who is not Robert Sunshine.

— Stacey

5 Stars

I will forever be grateful!

Robert Sunshine is one of a kind when it comes to family law attorneys. He treats your case as if it were his own. As a father who just wanted to spend more time with his kids he put me at ease. If you want a lawyer who works his butt off for you than look no further. Robert worked many nights and weekends on my case. It was not uncommon for him to call me in the late evenings or on the weekend whenever I needed to speak to him. His staff and is very professional and was always available when I needed something. His presence in the court room is superior. He is not only professional but well versed and organized. His efforts lead me to getting a fair settlement and shared custody. The court officers told me I was in good hands. I will forever be grateful!

— Mike

5 Stars

Could not have been more pleased watching his work in the courtroom

We have a large family and some of our children have experienced marital issues with separation, custody, relocation requests, divorce and malicious accusations. In each instance we turned to Robert Sunshine for guidance and representation resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Robert was able to assess each situation, advise our children on the best course of action, manage their expectations, calm their stress and deliver results. He always presented a calm façade in review; and then a high expertise and passion in the courtroom. We were amazed at how well prepared he was and how he anticipated even the remotest of possible topics that could have arisen. He always had supporting documentation available with him and rebuttal material available for each. Where possible, Robert tried to mitigate expenses, which acted to reassure us of his focus on the end result, rather than extending billing hours.

Our family was comforted in the knowledge that Robert would provide the best representation possible and could not have been more pleased watching his work in the courtroom, especially when compared to the opposing counsel. In a few instances the judge actually took guidance from him. He was familiar with various jurisdictions and the nuances of each judge’s thinking. The end results were above anything we could have hoped for.

The bottom line is that Robert under-promises and over achieves. We strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of marital representation.

— Stephen

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