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Rockland County Paternity Lawyer

When two married people have a child together, it is presumed by the courts that the man is the biological father of the child. When two unmarried people have a child together, the same presumption is not made and so, paternity must be established. Establishing paternity holds many benefits for both fathers and mothers. By establishing paternity, the mother may be able to receive child support while the father will establish his rights to visit with the child. If you need to establish the paternity of your child, our Rockland County paternity lawyer explains what you need to know.

The Benefits of Establishing Paternity

The benefits of establishing paternity go beyond child support and custody. Truthfully, establishing paternity has benefits for everyone involved, including the child. The most common benefits of establishing paternity are as follows:

  • Reassurance that each parent will be involved in the life of the child
  • The name of the father will appear on the birth certificate of the child
  • If applicable, continued medical coverage from either the mother or father
  • Access to the full family’s history for the child

How to Establish Paternity

When parents are unmarried, there are two options for establishing paternity. These include:

  • Acknowledgement of Paternity form: When both parents can voluntarily agree that they are the biological parents of a child, they can each sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. These forms are available at the hospital immediately following the birth, a local district child support office, or a local birth registrar.
  • Court petition: When the parties involved do not agree that one person is the biological parent of the child, the party that wants to establish paternity must petition the court. This is essentially asking the court to establish paternity. The court will establish paternity using a DNA test.

Protecting the Rights of Mothers and Fathers by Establishing Paternity

People often have to establish paternity when there is a dispute about child custody or child support. By determining who the father of a child is, the rights of both parties are protected. For example, establishing paternity can allow a father to be part of their child’s life in a legal and personal manner. Once paternity is established, the father will then have a right to custody and visitation.

On the other hand, establishing paternity can also protect a mother’s rights. For example, if a father of a child is denying that they are the biological parent to avoid paying child support, establishing paternity can allow the mother to prove their case and obtain the support they need.

Call Our Paternity Lawyer in Rockland County for Help with Your Case

Establishing paternity has many benefits for everyone involved, but doing so is not always easy. At The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C., our Rockland County paternity lawyer can help you navigate the process and move forward with any remaining legal issue. Call us now at 845.735.1300 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about your legal options.

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