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Goshen Child Support Lawyer

When a couple divorces or splits up and there are children involved, there are issues that need to be ironed out, such as child support. Typically, one parent has primary custody of the child. The child lives with one parent most of the time, and that parent is determined to be the residential parent. The other parent is the non-residential parent and is ordered to pay child support to the other parent.

Child support covers the child’s expenses. This is important in a divorce, with one household being split into two. This money helps the child maintain the standard of living they were accustomed to before the divorce. If the child lives with each parent equally, there could still be a child support order. The parent with the higher income would still make payments to the other parent to help with health care expenses and day care.

Child support is often a controversial topic. Parents often don’t like paying it and will do what they can to avoid it. Have questions? Contact a Goshen child support lawyer from The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. to schedule a consultation.

Understanding the Formula

Like many states, New York uses income shares to determine child support. This means that the incomes of both parents are combined to determine how much each parent should contribute. There are a number of different factors that are taken into account, such as the amount of parenting time division and the proportional income of both parents.

The court adds the income of both parents and multiplies it by a percentage:

  • 17% for one child
  • 25% for two children
  • 29% for three children
  • 31% for four children
  • 35% for five or more children

The court then divides that amount based upon each parent’s income so that the non-custodial parent pays their share to the custodial parent.

Child Support Enforcement

Unfortunately, not all parents want to pay child support. They think it’s optional and prefer to spend their money on other things. If the other parent refuses to pay child support, there are ways in which it can be enforced. The first step is usually wage garnishment. The parent may have their tax refunds intercepted. Liens may be placed on property such as cars and houses.

Then there could be the removal of any professional licenses. Fines may also be put in place. In extreme cases, a person who is not in compliance with child support laws may be jailed as a last resort. Child support enforcement typically becomes stricter when the parent owes more money.

Contact The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. Today

Child support can be a messy situation. Parents may request modifications. Some refuse to pay altogether. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. can help you deal with all the elements and issues involved. We can handle child support enforcement and defense as well. Fill out the online form or call (845) 735-1300 to schedule a consultation with a Goshen child support lawyer.

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