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Goshen Divorce Lawyer

Marriages don’t always last forever. Nowadays, couples get divorced on a daily basis. All states have no-fault divorce, which means that you don’t have to prove that your spouse committed adultery, abuse, abandonment, or some other ground. You can simply state “irreconcilable differences.”

Surprisingly, New York was the last state to allow no-fault divorce. This happened in 2010. So if you can prove that your marriage has been broken down irretrievably for a period of at least six months, you can get a divorce in New York, as long as you meet the residency requirements:

  • Either you or your spouse have been living in New York continuously for at least two years.
  • Either you or your spouse have been living in New York State continuously for at least one year and one of the following occurs:
    • You got married in New York.
    • You lived in New York as a married couple.
    • The grounds for your divorce happened in New York.
  • Both you and your spouse are residents of New York when you file for divorce and the grounds for your divorce happened in New York.

New York does not have a waiting period for divorce, so if both spouses are on board, the process will be quicker. Some uncontested divorces are resolved as quickly as six weeks, while others can take six months or more. The average is around three months. If the spouse cannot agree on various issues, the process can take much longer. Learn more about the process by contacting a Goshen divorce lawyer from The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C.

Elements of Divorce

Divorce may encompass many elements, including the following:

  • Property division. One of the primary concerns in a divorce is the equitable distribution of marital property. This includes real estate, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, and personal belongings.
  • Debt division. Many people overlook debts, but divorcing couples also need to address the division of debts, including mortgages, credit card debts, and loans.
  • Retirement accounts and pensions. The division of retirement accounts and pensions accumulated during the marriage is a complex issue that involves evaluating the value of these assets and distributing them fairly between the spouses.
  • Child custody and visitation. If the divorcing couple has children, determining child custody and visitation rights can be a source of contention. There are a lot of emotions involved and parents may disagree on the best interests of the child.
  • Child support. The non-custodial parent will often pay child support to the custodial parent. The payment amount is based on income and custody arrangements.
  • One spouse may be entitled to receive alimony from the other spouse after the divorce. Alimony is awarded to help a spouse maintain a similar standard of living as they transition to the single life.

Contact The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. Today

Divorce can be a complex situation. It may encompass various elements, especially if there are children involved. The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. can help you deal with all the legal, financial, and emotional elements of a divorce. Let us guide you through the process. Schedule a consultation with a Goshen divorce lawyer by filling out the online form or calling (845) 735-1300.

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