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Woodbury Family & Divorce Lawyer

New York family and divorce laws affect some of your closest relationships, so there is a good chance that you will need to address these topics at some point during your lifetime. Besides the statutes and rules that apply to your situation, there can be significant emotional implications. Legal representation is critical for managing the challenges that can impact your rights.

You can count on our team at the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. to protect your interests, as we have extensive experience assisting clients with these cases. Please contact us to schedule a case review with a Woodbury family & divorce lawyer who can provide details. You can also read on for information on how we support your legal needs throughout the process.

Our Services for Divorce and Family Law Cases

You can trust us to deliver solid legal support both in court and behind the scenes, as we handle such cases as:

Divorce: Making the decision to dissolve your marriage is not easy, but we will be at your side to address the key issues in a New York divorce, including:

  • Property division, in which all marital assets acquired during the marriage are divided according to the interests of fairness;
  • Alimony for a lower earning spouse, as a way to balance the financial disparities between the parties; and,
  • Custody, visitation, and support for minor children.

Family Law: We are also ready to assist with cases involving:

  • Paternity of a child born to parents who are unmarried;
  • Prenuptial agreements to address property division and alimony in the event of divorce;
  • Adoption, including stepparent, domestic, and international adoptions;
  • Domestic violence cases and restraining orders; and,
  • Guardianships for minors and disabled adults.

Resolving Family Law and Divorce Disputes

Even when disagreements arise in the above areas, it may not be necessary to go to court. Many conflicts can be resolved by agreement, and mediation is an option that facilitates compromise in family law disputes. Any disputes that remain must go through a contested hearing, so help from a Woodbury family law and divorce lawyer is crucial.

The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. will support you throughout the legal process, and we will take on such tasks as:

  • Consulting with you about the laws and your objectives;
  • Developing a strategy and gathering evidence to support your position;
  • Discussing settlement with other parties and opposing counsel, in an attempt to resolve disagreements out of court;
  • Participating in mediation to resolve outstanding disagreements; and,
  • Fighting for your rights in court, including presentation of arguments, evidence, and witnesses in your favor.

Get Legal Help from a Woodbury Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

You can see how important it is to retain skilled legal representation for assistance with your case, so please contact the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine, P.C. to learn more about our services. We are happy to set up a consultation with a Woodbury family law and divorce lawyer. After learning more about your circumstances, we can advise you on the laws.

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