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Domestic Violence and Your New York Divorce Case


Statistically, a third of all women and a quarter of all men will suffer some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. This includes spousal abuse such as stalking, rape, and physical violence. Emotional abuse, including degrading remarks, verbal threats, or controlling behavior is even more common. If you are considering filing for divorce from an abusive partner, the Rockland County divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine can help with complex issues such as child custody, alimony, and the division of assets.

Different types of domestic violence in New York 

New York State takes domestic violence very seriously, and it can greatly impact the outcome of a family court trial. Domestic violence is not merely related to physical abuse but can take on many forms. Non-physical abuse is often a precursor to physical violence. Physical violence is often a precursor to murder.

Some domestic violence takes the form of emotional manipulation. This includes threatening to leave, threatening to commit suicide, or otherwise causing harm to manipulate the victim. Other forms of domestic violence include economic abuse. This can involve preventing the victim from earning money or controlling them with an allowance. Abusers often attempt to control their victims by isolating them from friends and family. They often blame their victims for causing the abuse.

Types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical abuse – Any form of physical contact that is used to control and harm the victim.
  • Sexual abuse and rape – Forced sexual contact that is used to control and degrade the victim.
  • Making threats – Verbal threats of physical violence, leaving the relationship, self-harming, otherwise used to manipulate and control the victim.
  • Emotional and psychological abuse – Controlling, manipulative, or demeaning conduct that intentionally causes emotional duress and psychological harm.
  • Humiliation and degradation – Verbal insults that attempt to chip away at the victim’s self-esteem, and degrade or humiliate the victim.
  • Isolation – Abusers often attempt to isolate their victims from family and friends as a means of controlling their victims.
  • Economic abuse – Using the couple’s financial arrangement as a means of controlling the victim.
  • Blaming the victim for the abuse – Abusers often use “look what you made me do” as a means of blaming the victim for their abuse.

How a Rockland County divorce lawyer can help 

The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine has worked with abuse victims in divorce cases. Our first priority will be getting you to safety. We will then set you up with legal protection, including getting an order of protection, that prevents your abuser from contacting you. We can then begin the process of filing your divorce once you are in a safe position. If you are currently suffering abuse at the hands of your spouse, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Talk to a Rockland County Divorce Lawyer Today 

The Law Office of Robert S. Sunshine represents the interests of abused spouses in divorce proceedings. We will help you through every step of the process, ensure your safety, and protect your interests. Call our Westchester County family lawyers today to learn more.

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