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Studies Show That Men Have a Harder Time Recovering From Divorce Than Women


Divorce is stressful and difficult for all parties involved, but men seem to have a tougher time recovering from it than women do. Why? There are a lot of theories on why men struggle after being served with divorce papers. Studies have shown that men struggle with heart issues, have substance abuse issues, and die at younger ages than divorced women. Again, the question is why? In this article, the Rockland County divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert S. Sunshine P.C. will discuss why men tend to struggle with divorce more than women.

Being married makes men happy 

One reason why men tend to struggle with divorce more than women is that marriage makes them happy. Studies indicate that men are typically much happier in a marriage than women are. Women are more likely to initiate divorce proceedings leading to feelings of abandonment and loneliness post-divorce. With no touchstone in their lives, men tend to engage in destructive habits such as isolation, drinking, or using drugs.

Being alone is difficult for men 

Another reason why men struggle after divorce is that being alone is hard. One problem that men have is that they rely on their wives for social support. When a woman initiates a divorce, men are cut off socially from friends. In other words, the woman gets the friends in the divorce. Men should seek out close companionship with others who are not connected to their wives. This relieves the stress of loneliness and ensures that they have a support structure in place.

Men don’t have the support they need 

In many cases, men often lack the social support networks that women tend to create naturally. This hearkens back to the last reason. Men tend to rely on their wives for social networking. When a divorce occurs, the men lose their friends in the divorce. This renders them isolated and alone. With fewer social supports, the transition to single life is more difficult for men than women. Men are likewise less likely to seek counseling after a divorce.

The grieving process 

Women are more likely to engage in the grieving process after a divorce or while a divorce is occurring. Men are less likely to grieve through the pain. The grieving process is an essential part of ensuring that an individual makes all the steps necessary to reach the acceptance phase. Women are much more likely to get there faster than men.

The loss of identity 

Men are more likely to identify themselves as a husband and father than women are to identify themselves as wife and mother. Because of this, men undergo an identity crisis during divorce that is an added pressure on them.

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